Stephanie Wehmann, RMC, CMR
Municipal Clerk
Deputy Registrar
Recycling Administrator

Nancy Wehmann, CMR
Deputy Municipal Clerk
Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary 
Board of Health Secretary
Local Registrar 

Code of the Borough of Alpine 


Municipal OPRA Records

Alpine OPRA Government Records Request Form (pdf)

Municipal Budget of the Borough of Alpine

2018 Alpine Municipal Budget

2018 Alpine Municipal User-Friendly Budget

2017 Alpine Municipal Budget

2017 Alpine Municipal User-Friendly Budget

2016 Alpine Municipal Budget

2016 Alpine Municipal User-Friendly Budget



Financial Statements & Reports

2017 Borough of Alpine Report of Audit

2016 Borough of Alpine Report of Audit

2015 Borough of Alpine Report of Audit


2017 Annual Financial Statement

2016 Annual Financial Statement

2015 Annual Financial Statement

Alpine Mandatory Recycling Requirements - Forms 

     For all owners/contractors applying for Building, Demolition, Tree or similar permits

     that will result in the generation of solid waste, particularly construction debris and/or vegetative waste.

Recycling Requirements & Instructions (pdf)

Project Start Form-2018 (pdf)

2018 Tonnage Report Form (pdf)*

 *The submission of this report is required by law.

       DEADLINE: March 1, 2019

     *The submission of this report is required by law.

       DEADLINE: March 1, 2018 (See instruction above for information on how to complete the report)

Exempt Activities List (pdf)**

      **Unless undertaken in conjunction with re-development

Borough of Alpine
100 Church Street
PO Box 1095
Alpine, New Jersey 07620-1095
Tel 201-784-2900
Fax 201-784-1407