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UCC Permit Applications can be obtained by visting the following link:  

Click Here to Obtain UCC Permit Applications



Please submit the required copies noted:



UCC F100- Construction Permit Application Folder - 1 copy required


Technical Sections

UCC F110- Building Subcode Technical Section - 4 copies required

UCC F120- Electrical Subcode Technical Section - 4 copies required

UCC F130- Plumbing Subcode Technical Section - 4 copies required

UCC F140- Fire Subcode Technical Section - 4 copies required 

UCC F145 Mechanical Subcode Technical Section - 4 copies required


All information must be legible and completed in ink. 

If you have any questions, please call (201) 784-2900 x 22 


Recycling Requirements are Mandatory Pursuant to State Law

     For all owners/contractors applying for Building, Demolition, Tree or similar permits

     that will result in the generation of solid waste, particularly construction debris and/or vegetative waste.

Click here to refer to our "Recycling" page for Tonnage Reporting forms and deadlines.




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