All Firearms Applicants:
The following forms are required to be completed online and printed by ALL Applicants: 

1. ID Card and/or Permit to Purchase Handgun (select for STS-033 form)



New Applicants:
1. Must appear at the Alpine Police Department to receive the IdentoGo form for fingerprinting.
2. Are required to submit the following printed forms for processing:
IndentoGo receipt

Returning Applicants:
1. Are not required to be fingerprinted, but are required to complete the online 212A form
to request criminal history information. 
2. The Alpine Police ORI Number is NJ0020200.

Criminal History Request (select for online 212A form)

3. Are required to submit the following printed forms forms for processing:
Online 212A receipt 


For further instruction or questions select one of the links below: 


NJSP Firearms Applicant Procedure (select)

NJSP Firearms Information (select)